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Danielle Jean Baker
by Steve on 15th September, 2008
Most importantly, Danielle Jean Baker was born on the 13th of September at 10:31pm at the Mitcham Private hospital. Mum and bub are doing great. We have a few snaps up HERE!

Secondly, I've just realised I don't update this page nearly often enough!

Lachlan James Baker
by Steve on 16th October, 2006
OK, the real reason you've been visiting this site! Lachlan was born on the 15th of October at 4:39pm in Mitcham Private hospital, and is a healthy, hearty boy weighing in at 3.965Kg (about 8lb 11 1/2oz in the old scale). Photos have been taken, and can be seen HERE!
Mum and bubs will be in hospital until Friday, and visiting hours are from 3-4pm and 7-8pm. If you cannot make it during those times but you still wish to visit, call Steves mobile (0408 656 620) and organise an alternate time.

Update 3:00pm 17th October : More photos are up... click here!!!!
Digital Memories Australia
by Steve on 14th October, 2006
Its been a long time between updates.... plenty of news on the horizon, but for now, check out the new business at Karen and myself have been VERY busy, and we are now in business and getting some traction. We will be at the Melbourne Wedding Expo on the 21st-22nd of October. See you there if you are going!